Future plans

  • Thank you for your interest in our Satori Coin. On Jun 1st,
    we will start selling Satori Coin in Japan through "Gashapon" machines,
    an analog Bitcoin ATM, even a grandma could use.

    While the "Gashapon" machine is made to accept the Japanese Yen coinage,
    there is a version that accepts "Gashapon" tokens as well.
    So, if your business runs a storefront,
    you have an option of using "Gashapon" machine to attract customers.
    After you exchange the currency of your country to the tokens,
    the customers will be able to buy Satori Coins just by twisting a dial.

    However, it will take at least until the summer of 2016 to implement the overseas operation.
    Raimu, Inc. is a small outfit and we have just enough manpower to cover the domestic needs for the time being.
    Thank you for understanding.