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It is with painful regret to announce, the closure of Satori Coin sales as of immediate effect.  The reason is as per below.  Basically, we ran out of time to raise our AML/KYC standard according to the level in which Japan's Financial Service Agency demanded.

On April 23, 2018, Raimu Inc. must terminate the virtual currency exchange business.  Fulfillment of obligation to bear in connection with the exchange of virtual currency, conducted as virtual currency exchange business prescribed in Article 63-20, paragraph 5 of the law concerning money settlement has been completed.  There is no customer property that needs to be returned or relocated to the customer.  This is a public notice pursuant to the provisions of Article 63-20, paragraph 3 of the Act on Financial Settlement.

I want to thank everyone around the globe for supporting Satori Coin.  This project was intended to accelerate the spreading of the power of Bitcoin, the inherent human right to freely exchange and hodl "our" wealth, at will.  We will however, continue our mission.  Our website will stay live and cater to any issues and concerns raised toward Satori Coin users.  We have recently commissioned another documentary film, "Bitcoin:  Beyond The Bubble".  Simultaneously, we are working on vending machines that can accept Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash.  Their debut will be imminent.  More projects are in line.  It has been an honor and a privilege to have been associated with so many passionate individuals in the crypto currency space and we want to continue this into the future.  Satori Coin will be absent for a while, but only temporarily.  It will take many months, but we will make another attempt to obtain the license.

"I'll be back".

March 22, 2018
Moto Kan
Satori Coin Team
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