Bitcoin Wallet

How to Check the Value of your Satori Coin

② Copy the public key (i.e. Your bank account number) which begins with “1”

③ From any of the links below, paste the public key and search.
  You will be able to confirm that your Satori Coin is equipped with a value of 0.001BTC, and there has been 1 transaction.
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● To find out how much 0.001BTC is worth in Japanese yen, please check here.
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How to transfer value to a bitcoin wallet

When you peel off the hologram seal, the QR code of the private key will appear. If you scan the QR code with your bitcoin wallet, it's value can be transferred. Simply illustrated, your 0.001BTC is stored in an on-line safe. Only the QR code, the private key hidden under the hologram seal, can unlock this safe. Please note, if you peel off the hologram seal, you will not be able to restore it to it's original form.
We do NOT sell individual hologram seal and QR code seal.


There are two ways to transfer private keys with each resulting in different consequences. In short, there are many wallet apps, but the default method is "sweeping" (see below), and if you use a well known wallet, there is nothing to worry about. If for instance, the value was stolen or lost because of mismanagement, the amount of bitcoin loaded is so small, it is unlikely that you will lose much sleep. Even if you encounter this mishap, it will be a valuable learning experience.

How to transfer 1:     Sweeping

Explained here is the method to send the bitcoin controlled by the private key of your Satori Coin, to another bitcoin address. When the QR coded private key is “consumed”, there will no longer be a need to dispose the QR code seal. The downside of this, is that a mining fee will incur, at 0.0001BTC, so the final amount that will arrive in your wallet will actually be 0.0009BTC, not 0.001BTC. FYI, regardless of the amount, even if you sweep 1 million dollar worth of bitcoin, a miner still receives a minute fee of no more than 0.0001 BTC.

How to transfer 2:     Import

Explained here is the method in which the private key of QR coded Satori Coin is to be stored in a manner that can be used in a wallet software after being imported. The advantage of this method is that a mining fee won’t incur because it is not transferred to another address. Therefore, the entire 0.001BTC will be stored in the wallet. The downside however, is that after importing to the wallet, QR code seal will still remain “alive.” Meaning, you will need to make sure that the QR code will not be scanned by someone else (must be shredded or burned, etc.) If you forget to do so, and if someone else finds the QR code and sends that 0.001BTC to anther address, that person will gain control of your bitcoin. If your wallet supports an import feature, 0.001BTC can be imported without paying a miner fee. But to the best of our knowledge, only Mycelium wallet has such a feature. We recommend that, "import" is not for beginners, because he/she might forget to dispose the private key, which could very well result in getting it stolen. It's a bit confusing because many, even popular wallets, call "sweeping" function, “import.”

● Bitcoin Wallet

You can download and install from below, free of charge.
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About private key (e.g. password)

Unless you peel off the hologram seal on your Satori coin, no one can have access to your private key information.  We execute the manufacturing process as per the steps below, so we end up NOT keeping any record of private key information. Therefore, even if you ask, we will have no way of telling you, since we simply do not know.  It will be your responsibility to safe guard it properly.

  • ・Process #1: Adhere the same serial numbered private key (QR code) and hologram seals, on to the token.
  • ・Process #2: Load the value.
  • ・Process #3: Confirm that the value is loaded.
  • Process #4: Obliterate all private key data.

※Note: Bitcoin has grown to an immense scale network with robust security. Since its inception on January 2009, no one has ever succeeded in hacking the protocol. The probability of hacking is said to be 10 to the power of 48th (Unit: Quindecillion).